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Toy cars have been around for as long as there have been cars. Toy cars run the quality line from high-detail die-cast models to simple plastic frames on metal wheels. Some models are meant to be played with, other meant to just look good. Some toy cars might have a feature that makes tham more than a frame on some wheels: a steering wheel, light up lights, etc.

Now Thoughful Toys, Inc has introduced the Modarri line. A series of toy cars that kids assemble themselves and drive with their fingers. They include such details as real steering, soft gripping tires, and real suspension to smooth out bumps and jumps:


Each car is made of 12 parts and the kit includes a tool for assembly. All parts can be mixed and matched with other Modarri cars to make multiple combinations. A single car can make 5 unique builds, but add more cars and it expands exponentially: 3 cars can make over 35,000 combinations, 6 cars can make 3,000,000 combinations!

At present, we carry three Modari models and a 3-pak collection: The S1 Street Car (pictured above), the X1 Dirt Car


and the T1 Track Car


And finally a 3-pak of the above cars:


The Modarri cars are finger driven and steering is surprisingly effective. You don’t fuss with a fake steering wheel, just lean you finger left or right and the car responds, making a reasoable turn, a second finger can be used to aid in steering. You can move it over rought surfaces and the suspension actually works! Chek out their video:

And hey, let’s watch Thoughtful Toys kickstarter  promo video for the Modarri cars


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