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BenchMark Scientific TubeRollers

BenchMark Scientific has made quite a line of rockers, shakers and other great lab products. But until now they have lacked a product specifically designed for rolling and rocking liquids in tubes. That now changes with their new line of  TubeRollers. 

The TubeRoller rolls the tubes at a constant 38 rpm at a gentle 5 degree angle.  This is the optimum speed for the broadest range of components.  Each rocker has a slight incline and offset so that a gentle ‘wave’ is formed during the rolling process. This wave ensures the maximum mixing throughout the tubes. The TubeRoller is good for a variety of liquids, including blood samples:

This makes it an excellent lab tool for hospitals and research centers.
The TubeRoller has 5 rows, which can hold 2-3 tubes each, depending on their size. For more robust jobs there is the TubeRoller 10 which has 10 rows to work with:

Both of these products are available now and make an excellent addition to any lab that needs tube rolled automatically.


BuckyBalls – No longer sold in stores!

We’ve recently reported on how the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been suing BuckyBalls to try and force them to stop selling their product due to a handful of swallowing incidents. The lawsuit has not gone any further and BuckyBalls has been fighting back hard . But at the same time they have had to take steps to get more control over their product. The result? As of last week, BuckyBalls told its sales reps that it would no longer be selling BuckyBalls to stores and other vendors.
You can still get BuckyBalls from their website, but it is exclusively available from them. We have reverted to 2008.  This will be a blow, not only to stores that enjoyed good sales of the BuckyBalls, but also to the BuckyBalls company which has probably sold the majority of units through vendors like us.
This turn of events was a sad decision in our opinion. We understand why the company had to do it, but are upset that we will not be able to sell this wonderful magnet product.


Thursday Afternoon Lazy Post

Sorry we haven’t posted much recently. We’ve been very busy working on the new website and it is taking up a lot of time. So here is a video of a wind-up crab to tide things over:

Marble Run!

Construction toys are fun, and they are even more fun when they actually can do something! Marble Run is a new product that Spectrum Scientifics is carrying that lets you build spinning ramps for marbles to race down.

Marble run comes in two sizes: 37 pieces and 80 pieces for $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. Pieces are compatible so you can combine sets to make even larger marble runs. The 37 piece includes 15 marbles and the 80 piece has 30 marbles for some serious rolling.

Marble Run is meant for ages 3+, making it an excellent construction toy for young builders!