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More news on the banned BuckyBalls front, but not from Buckyballs

Ah, some day some Nostalgia program on VH1 will talk about the phenomenon made of sweet spherical magnets known most popularly as BuckyBallsBUckballs


Watchitude – Fashionable Slap Watches!

Back in the 80’s a short-lived fad of Slap bracelets which were strips of stainless steel 9covered with colorful fabric) that would coil around your wrist when you ‘slapped’ it aginst them. They were fun, but cheap knock-offs flooded the market with poor quality (i.e. sharp) steel and cheaper cloth coverings that resulted in some injuries. The original product didn’t cause injuries, but schools banned them anyway and the fad faded.

Fast forward to these modern times and about 30+ years of materials science and the idea of slap bracelets is back! Only this time instead of the (potentially unpolished) steel they are made of 100% silicone that can be printed directly. Some even got the idea of putting a watch on the bracelets and so we get Watchitude: