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SpaceProb.es – I’m on your webz, tracking your Space Probes!

The various NASA and European Space Agency Space Probes have produced wonderful results: gorgeous pictures, incredible scientific data, treading where no human can go, and much more. The problem is that there really hasn’t been any comprehensive way to keep track of all the various Space Probes out there. Sure each NASA probe will have a detailed page on the NASA page, but since each probe is a different project with different webmaster, servers and engineers each one will have a different layout style (NASA’s style guide seems to be limited to suggestions). Not to mention finding those Space Probe pages can involve quite a bit of google-fu sometimes, especially if you are forgetting the name and mission (“The probe on Mars? Which one?”). The situation isn’t horrible, mind you, but it could be so much better.

Enter Spaceprob.es, which was launched on Feb 19th of this year and covers 29 active Space Probes:



littleBits – The modular electronics building kits

littleBits is a modular electronics building kit that is actually good for both kids and adults (and we are not just saying that). It’s incredible versatility has taken the ‘Make it’ movement by storm and the online support community has been incredible.

And now, we are carrying littleBits at Spectrum Scientifics

5600 (5)


MOVA Globe Cubes

For a few years we have been happily selling the MOVA Globes in their various sizes and planetary representations. Now we have added their recent entry to their product line: The Mova Cube Globes, in Antique Finish:


Or the Blue Relief Map Finish: