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Some more items from Modarri have come into our store. They;ve expanded the car offerings as well as recieved the body changes and tires. Lets have a look at the new Modarri Cars. First up is the DIY Street Car


THe DIY street car is pretty minimalist because it is the model that you can can the frame to any colors you want. Paints are optional (and we don’t carry any at Spectrum Scientifics)  but a little free-from customization is always good!

From the minimalist we go snazzy with the Modarri Beach Cruzer


This snazzy purple & silver Modarri Street Car was inspired by Santa Cruz beach cruises.

Last among the new car models is the Camo X1 Modarri Car.


This is the Camo colored version of the Modarri X1 offroad dirt car

Next we have Modarri’s new line of accessories inclduing new car frames and custom performance wheels. All of these parts are universal and will work with all models of Modarri cars.

The frames are up first with the X1 Fire Body pack


The S1 Chrome Body  pack, for that shiny look.


And the T1 Le Mans Frame Pack


Finally, we have the Performance Wheel Pack with eight tires in two complete sets. Change the way your Modarri car drives by changing the tires!


As noted above, all frames are compatible with all designs of Modarri cars. You assembled them using the provided hex screw tool and drive them with your finger. Experience a toy car with real performance and suspension!

Want to buy other Construction Toys?


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