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More Modarri – The Ultimate Toy Car

Some more items from Modarri have come into our store. They;ve expanded the car offerings as well as recieved the body changes and tires. Lets have a look at the new Modarri Cars. First up is the DIY Street Car



Modarri – The Ultimate Toy Car

Toy cars have been around for as long as there have been cars. Toy cars run the quality line from high-detail die-cast models to simple plastic frames on metal wheels. Some models are meant to be played with, other meant to just look good. Some toy cars might have a feature that makes tham more than a frame on some wheels: a steering wheel, light up lights, etc.

Now Thoughful Toys, Inc has introduced the Modarri line. A series of toy cars that kids assemble themselves and drive with their fingers. They include such details as real steering, soft gripping tires, and real suspension to smooth out bumps and jumps:



Salt Water Powered Vehicles

OK, so we’ve already mentioned having a Salt-Powered Robot and that is a fairly new product for us but it seems we have never mentioned some fairly popular Salt-Water Powered vehicles that we have actually carried for a couple of years. We are talking about the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car and its big brother the Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck.



Hydrogen & Renewable Energy Kits Part 2 – The Cars

Let’s face it, when it comes to renewable energy one of the major concerns is how they might be used to power that ever-useful instrument – the car. So with that in mind Horizon has made several over its renewable energy kits centered around  hydrogen-powered toy cars!

Up first is the Fuel Cell Science Kit, which, despite its name, is centered around a car. It has a solar cell for cracking water into hydrogen & oxygen:

Fuel Cell Science Kit

Fuel Cell Science Kit

The idea behind these cars works on the combustibility of hydrogen gas and the ability to split ordinary water in hydrogen & oxygen gas with electricity.  In this case a solar cell or batteries are used to crack the water into the gases, which are stored. Then when you want to run the car they are ignited and run a combustion engine not very different from the gasoline cars we use. The Fuel Cell Science kit car is set up so that when it hits an object it reverses 90 degrees and tries the new direction.

Horizon’s H-Racer Hydrogen Powered Car is the original model in this series. It is down to the basics with this unit. You crack the water and store it in either an external tank (inlcuded) or in the car’s own tank.


The Original H-Racer

The HydroRacer, much like Fuel Cell Science Kit, has the visible gas system on board the car itself. But the car in this case is much fancier, with a more streamlined appearance and some LED’s inside the body for a more impressive appearance.


The HydroCar

Last, but certainly not least is the H-Racer 2.0. With this model you get all the water cracking, hydrogen powered greatness of the H-Racer but with the benefit of also being a fully remote controlled car.

H-Racer 2.0

The H-Racer 2.0 Remote-Control, Hydrogen-Powered Car

All of these, much like the kits, are great demonstrations of renewable energy and the power of hydrogen fuel.  They also have the benefit of being nifty model cars on top of all that energy science!