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For a couple of years we have been offering various wind gnereating kits such as the Savonius Wind Turbine. These kits do quite well but schools may find they need more to teach energy generation as part of a STEM program. So now Picoturbine offers multiple kits for Wind and Solar energy generation.  There are several designs that depend on the size & design of the windmill (Mini, Standard, and Limitless) as well as the systems ability to generate AC, DC or both.


The Limitless SKY-Z kits use 26″ tall windmills with a variety of blades to choose from. They include labs for both AC and DC generation. The SKY-Z Mini uses a 20″ tall windmill and generates only AC current:


The standard SKY-Z has a 26″ Tall Windmill, but lacks the multiple blade designs of the limitless kits.

In addtion, for larger energy generation labs PicoTurbine has Large Scale Energy Labs:


These Labs come in three forms, each with 50 Watt Solar panel as well as a Windmill Generator the produces 50, 200, or 250 Watts

50 Watt Solar and 50 Watt Wind Generation

50 Watt Solar and 200 Watt Wind Generation

50 Watt Solar and 250 Watt Wind Generation

All kits have a flat shipping rate of just $12 and bulk orders can get better pricing. Contact us for details.


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