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Recently we have added a few classroom kits to our product line. These kits are meant for middle & high school classes, and cover a wide range of chemistry topics. Let’s start off with the  Food Chemistry Kit:


Topics covered in this kit are detecting the presence of sugars, fats, starches. Chemical composition of milk. Quintity of Vitamin C, and much more. All materials are included except for the food to be tested (trust us, you didn’t want us shipping milk…)

Next up is the Flame Test and Spectroscopy kit:


With this kit, one of the important chemical detection methods: spectroscopy is employed. Various test chemicals are provided, along with wire loops and a spectroscope. The only thing lacking is a bunsen burner. The kit has enough material for 50 students.

Veering into the field of Environmental Chemistry we now carry the Atmosphere is Crisis kit


With this kit, students will create pollutants as well as employ methods to treat and remove them. The effects of pollutants on metals and plants is also covered. Its an excellent way to show how pollution effects our everyday lives. All items are included but an overhead projector will be required for some of the teacher’s transparencies.

Interested in more Classroom Chemistry Products?


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