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UPDATE 6/23/14:  In early 2014 the Beetling company stated they had to move their studios to a new location. After several months they have not returned to operations, have barely answered their email, had no updated to their Facebook page, and now their main webpage would appear to be defunct. With this in mind we are assuming that they are now out of business and no longer producing 3D Wall designs. Note that we have broken the links to the Beetling products due to the endless number of ‘Do you still have these?’ queries. The answer is: No, we do not.

Beetling Wall decorations are individually casted and painted three-dimensional wall mounted works of art, suitable for any child’s space. They are easily installed onto walls and create a great sense of fun for that room. Beetling 3D decoration castings are made of signature Designer Blended Foam,  a non-toxic and child safe material that is extremely light-weight and durable. We paint with Low VOC, child-safe water based paints and finishes.

Beetlings are very easy to install and each piece comes with step-by-step instructions on how to install them to any wall. Your 3D wall art piece can be ready in minutes in most cases as only a few screws are needed to hold it in place. If you need to move, the Beetling pieces uninstall as fast as they install.

Beetling has several series, including Dinosaurs and Safari, but in this post we shall be looking at the Beetling 3D Solar System. Complete with planets, astronaut, and our Moon!


The kit includes a 3D Astronaut:


The Astronaut really does justify the term 3D in this case, as can be seen from another angle:


There are 9 planets….ok, 8 planets and Pluto – give them a break they designed this thing before Pluto got downgraded. There is also the Moon. The planets, Moon and Astronaut can be arranged any way that fits you wall.


or for example:


The planets have excellent detail. Here is the Earth, for example:


or Jupiter:


They did an excellent job on the striping. Showing their attention to detail Uranus has a ring, as it does:


A bit generous of a ring, but it gives it a ring of detail and authenticity.

In addition to the Planets, Pluto, Moon and Astronaut there is also a detailed instruction sheet on how to paint the wall in that “Outer Space” scheme with comets, whisps of Nebulea, and other celestial objects. It give a real flair to the atmosphere of the set. Paint is not included but is not hard to obtain.

Oh, and of course we have a video:

Want to buy Beetling 3D Solar System Wall Decorations?




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