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We have a Kickstarter: The Periodic Table Scarf!

We got a sample product in house that got a lot of positive reation: We could have sold the sample a dozen times over, when it was worn it got a lot of notice.  It wasn’t an item we expected: It was a scarf made out as a colorful periodic table:

scarf-flat copy

It wore well, and looked quite nice. The reaction caught us off guard to be honest.


The scarf is made of (polyester-based) Satin and was soft, comfortable, colorful, and especially nerdy!


Thing is: We couldn’t just buy few of these like we do other items. We had to buy a *lot* of them for the order. How could we do this? It was alot of capital to invest and while we were sure we could sell a few of them, could we sell hundreds?

Rather than make a risky investment, we decided to turn to Kickstarter:


So you can help support bringing this product to our offerings. You can get one of the first ones as a reward (or a bunch if you  like!). If You don’t care for scarves or just don’t wear them you can still support us and get a reward!   The $12 reward will get you a dog tag with your fasvorite element on it (you get to choose!)


So support our little foray into fashion and back us on Kickstarter!

Our entry at Kickstarter




New Artec Kits: See Through Ice, Convertable Telescope, Planet Engineer and Celestial Globe

We’ve carried Artec kits for a few months and they’ve done quite well. Some of the kits have a rational outlook to them and others have the zany Japanese anime-influenced look to them that makes them twice as awesome. Most of the new kits fall into the latter category.

First up is a rather odd kit: See Through Ice



Fun with Crazy Aaron’s FoxFire Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty has released a new line of putties known as the Phantoms. These are similar to the Glow-In-The-Dark putties they have sold, but with one crucial difference – If Ultraviolet (UV) light is shined on them, they visibly change color  – even in broad daylight.

We’ve added one of these to our product line, the Foxfire Thinking Putty



More New Items: Kids Chemistry Set, Fingerprint Detective & Molecule Madness

We went on vacation last week (although the store was open) and some new products have come in. Let’s have a look!

First up is the Kid’s First Chemistry Set



Artec Science Kits part 2

We continue with more of the great, low-cost products from Artec. First up is the Make your own Litmus Paper

5082With this kit, kids will use the colorful reactions of acids and bases on litmus paper to learn about the pH scale. You can even draw with the colorful reactive litmus papers you make. 5082a Its a great intro in the world of chemistry and fun for kids as yougn as 6 years old.


New Science Kits from Artec

Artec is a Japanese-based company that has been trying to break into the US market for a few years. We’ve seen their stuff for a while and were impressed, but at first there were too many issue with the products for us to carry them. Things have improved steadily and now we think their great science kits are ready for our audience. We added a whole lot of these kits, and they are low-cost and fun. Some of them still may have a bit too much ‘anime’ on the box art & instructions but it is still good stuff. Here’s a few of them to start:

5070Bacteria Farm allows students to cultivate 12 different kinds of bacteria.  They will actually make their own5070a cultivating broth and a 12 chamber cultivation plate to grow bacteria from soil, household liquids, and much more.  Parental help will be needed to grow the brother (water needs to be boiled) but this quite is a great introduction to the world of bacteria.



Jr. Scientist Series Part 2 – Crystals and Telescopes

We covered some of the Robotic Jr. Scientist series in part 1. In part 2 we cover a couple of other parts of the new Jr. Scientists series one involving crystals and the other involving making your own refracting telescope.

Crystal growing has long been a part of kids chemistry experiments. It is fun to watch the crystals grow over time and there have been plenty of kits available for crystal growing, but when we saw the Jr. Scientist version we had to give it a try!



Salt Water Powered Vehicles

OK, so we’ve already mentioned having a Salt-Powered Robot and that is a fairly new product for us but it seems we have never mentioned some fairly popular Salt-Water Powered vehicles that we have actually carried for a couple of years. We are talking about the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car and its big brother the Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck.



Food! Glorious Food Science

One of the more fun things to do in science is to make things you can actually eat. In that vein we have carried some nifty kits that let you make Root Beer, or Bubble Gum. 

Now we have added three new great food making kits that teach kids about making their favorite foods, as well as the history behind those foods!

First up is the Make Your Own Chewing Gum from Scratch Kit

4728 (more…)

New Colorful Super Magnetic Thinking Putties!

For years we have sold quite a bit of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: The ones that glow, the ones that change color in your hand, andthe putty that is clear as glass!

But far and away our favorite putty is the Strange Attractor Super Magnetic Thinking Putty