What's new here?

So after showing the Metal Earth 1965 Ford Mustang, the Tiger Moth Biplane and the Stag Beetle on Thursday it is now time for the remaining new Metal Erth Models. The first up is the Metal Earth Drum Set


This model is a highly detailed metal model of a drum set, great for the musician you know.

From the band we move into space exploration with The Mars Rover


Based on the NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity, this model is highly detailed down to the grooves in its wheels.

Finally, we have the Apollo Lunar Module


Based on the Lunar Modules of Apollo 11, 12, 14 ,15,16,17 and all the others that never deployed (but would have had they landed on the Moon). This model is perfect for any space exploration enthusiast.

Metal Earth Models are 4-5″ in size and built from laser cut sheets of steel.

Want to buy Construction toys and models?


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