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Metal Earth Models are great little models you build from laser-cut sheets of steel! We’ve been selling them for several years and now have added a few more great entries from the product line.  Let’s look at 3 of the new ones. We’ll start with the Ford 1965 Mustang Coupe!


Just in time for the famous car’s 50th anniversary, this is a lovely detailed metal model of the original pony car.

Next up we go to aviation with the De Havilland Tiger Moth biplane:


Based on the 1930’s Royal Air Force trainer plane. The Tiger Moth is still owned and operated by aviation enthusiasts today. partly due to its classic design and partly because it is a very easy aircraft to fly!

Exiting the world of vehicles and into the world of insects we also have the Metal Earth Stag Beetle


Known for their distinctive pincer mandibles, this is an excellent metal model of a Stag Beetle.

All Metal Earth models measures from 3-5″ on their long side and are excellently detailed.

Want to buy construction toys and models?




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