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Sometimes you just want to get a friend, spouse, sibling, parent or somebody who isn’t a child a neat present from your science store.  Well here are a few suggestions for items that adults can enjoy.

Rare Earth Magnet Building Toy


A great little magnetic fidget and build toy. You get a total of 63 pieces – magnetic rods and steel ball bearings. With these you can make all sorts of geometric constructions. It is a simple idea with loads of potential. It makes an excellent desk fidget toy.

MOVA Spinning Solar Globes


MOVA Globes sit on their base and silently spin. There seems to be no place to put any batteries and it is even hard to figure out how it is spinning without twisting its base. The secret is what makes the MOVA globes such a great household or desktop item. There are large variety of models to choose from (including other planets!), as well as larger sizes. A great gift for someone.

Galileo Thermometers


The classic attractive thermometer. Galileo thermometers work by the change in density of the air in the balls as the room temperature rises and falls. While not supremely accurate, they are very appealing to the eyes.  Sizes come in 12″ , 15″ and 17″.

This is Spinal Tape Packing Tape


If only because no children will get the joke.

Magnetic Thinking Putty


Magnetic Putty is just plain awesome. It comes with a large ceramic magnet and while th putty itself is not magnetic on its own, putting the magnet on the putty magnetizes much like rubbing a nail against a magnet magnetizes the nail. Since you now have two magnets – and one is soft – the magnet gets drawn into the putty! Watching as the magnet gets pulled into the soft putty is just plain mesmerizing. You can even get a rare-earth magnet for a more dramatic effect! The classic Strange Attractor is a black putty, but there are now the popular red colored Reactive Razz Magnetic Putty as well as the Blue Tidal Wave Magnetic Putty.

Rainbow Maker


A great and simple concept! A Swarovski crystal is mounted to a motor that is powered by a solar panel. When the sun shines the crystal spins and projects moving rainbows around the room! Expanding on that concept we also have:

Water Rainbow Prisms


This time a glass prism is filled with water. When the sunlight goes through the water it breaks up into its component colors and makes rainbows. Unlike smaller prisms the rainbows made by the Water Prisms are HUGE. We’ve had ones almost 2 feet across on our store! The classic Diamond, Pyramid, and Double Pyramid make excellent gifts.

Need gift ideas? We have a whole section for that!








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