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Quick Gifts: 10 Toys That cost less than $10 and ship easy!

OK, here’s 10 quick gifts that cost less than $10, can ship easy (weigh less than a pound) and are great as stocking stuffers or gifts for people on a budget. Let’s go!

Fun Straws


Comes with 104 pieces that allow you to construct a maze of straws that makes drinking your favorite beverage a whole new world.


Dino Pet – a living bioluminescent pet

We finally have them in stock, the Dino Pet! The glowing, living dino-shaped pet!



Galileo Thermometers – How they work and how to read them.

As far as temperature measurements go, the most beautiful way to measure it is with a Galileo Thermometer. The attractive glass tubes with floating balls that change over time and temperature ever so slowly and gracefully.



Gift Ideas for older kids (sometimes known as ‘adults’)

Sometimes you just want to get a friend, spouse, sibling, parent or somebody who isn’t a child a neat present from your science store.  Well here are a few suggestions for items that adults can enjoy.

Rare Earth Magnet Building Toy



MOVA Solar Powered Spinning Globes

We’ve been waiting for these to come in, and now they are here. We are talking about the MOVA Solar Powered Spinning Globes!


These globes sit on their base and with just a little bit of light will spin. If you pick up the globe it will still spin! Put it on the table and it continues to spin! There is no cord, no batteries, and really odd is no obvious solar cells.

The secret is that the the globe is actually immersed in a liquid that in turn is inside a clear acrylic globe. There are solar panels located behind the printed image of the globe. Since the globe only needs a little bit of light to runt he drive mechanism this works out fine. Let;s take a look at a video of the globe in action:

The MOVA globes are a great desktop toy. and don’t just come as a globe. We also have ones that are the surface of the Moon


And also one that is the Planet Jupiter



There are more of these MOVA globes available and we will be adding more very soon. Keep an eye out on this blog for more Solar Spinning Globes.

Want to buy a solar spinning Earth? Moon? Jupiter?


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We like to suggest a few ideas for great ‘stocking stuffer’ toys for the holiday season. We keep it to items that a) are under $5 and b) will actually fit in a stocking. Here’s just a few ideas for you:

LadyBug Windup


Great fun – wind it up and watch it zoom around like crazy, flip itself over and spin itself dizzy. We have other Wind-ups as well, such as the Sidewinder Snake, the Sideways Walking Crab and more!
4 pc Finger Lights



4 LED flashlights, each a different color (red, blue, green, white) that wrap around your fingers. Great fun for dance parties or for kids!

Spy Glasses


Wear these Spy Glasses to see if anyone is following you! Special mirrored sides of the lenses allow you a rear-view mirror view!

Deluxe Mini Pocket Kite


A kite you can take anywhere! Folds up into it own little round box (included). Simply unfold it and fly it!

Glow Art


Make picture with light! This little portable light peg toy lets you make pretty images with the pegs. It even has a way to store the pegs when not in use!

Spider Balls


Drop a Spider Ball into water and be amazed as a multitude of multicolored balls will burst forth from the green sac and grow up to 100 times its size within hours! They can be tossed, squished, and rolled!






Gift Suggestions Made Because we have Videos of them!

Sometimes it is just easier to show folks what a product does than to try and explain it in the product copy.  This is one of those times.  Here are some awesome videos of great gift ideas:

Let’s start with the Revolving Cosmos Spinner

The Cosmic Sounding Zube Tube

The awesome Laser Pegs construction sets:

The winsome and incredibly realistic Butterfly in a Jar

The hypnotic Sandscapes.

The Colorful and playful Crystal Lamp.