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The following pictures were taken through a Premium 10X/30X Inspection Microscope using a Digital Microscope Eyepiece in one of the eyepiece holes.

The object being imaged is a broken piece of steel, damaged by long-term fatigue. Forease of description we will refer to it  as a stage prop fencing blade. It had broken under duress after many ‘stabbings’. The crystal pattern of the fatigued steel can be seen surrounded by a sheath of intact metal. One minor issue with using a Video Eyepiece in an inspection microscope is that they may have trouble focusing on objects with a lot of depth. Since the broken edge of this blade had to be held at an angle to see the broken portion there are parts that did not end up in focus.

The first image was taken at 10X:

Broken Stage Blade at 10X

Broken Stage Blade at 10X (scroll down for the 30X image)



































The second image was taken at 30X:

Broken Blade Edge at 30X

Broken Blade Edge at 30X

At 30x the depth of focus becomes more of an issue (more a problem with many inspection microscopes at higher powers, actually), but the crystalline nature of the internal metal can still be seen quite well.



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