What's new here?

No fancy explanations, stories or events today. This is just going to be a list of some new items here in the store.  let’ sget right to it:

Cool Circuits:


Cool Circuits is a puzzle game where you use special curved elctrical connections to complete a puzzle (matching the pattern shown on a card) to complete a cicruit. When the circuit is completed the music plays and the board lights up. 40 challenges of increasing difficulty are included!

Radio Control Inflatable R2-D2


With a new Star Wars movie coming out for the holidays this should be a fun an popular item. Using an inflatable R2-D2 body this remote control unit is more than 2′ feet tall. It makes 4 different classic R2-D2 sounds, can spin 360 in place, and operates with a 2.4GHz radio control unit.

Cherry Wood Finish Sand Pendulum


We’ve carried Sand Pendulums in the past and they can be wonderfully hypnotic, as our video shows:

We think it speaks for itself.

Night Hawk Night Vision Scope


Now let’s be real – so called ‘Kid’s Night Vision Scopes’ are often complete frauds. Usually just a pair of wearable plastic binoculars with a green light attached to make it seem like night vision. They aren’t, really. But the Night Hawk actually is real Night Vision. Using digital infrared technology the Night Hawk produces and image in total darkness!


To be fair the Night Vision may not be as powerful as shown as the range  limit is about 50 meters. But still, real Night Vision for under $60.00.

Follow Your Nose


Matching games are everywhere but they tend to be purely visual affairs – find one card, the find its match. But Follow Your Nose takes a different path and works with matching your sense of smell to various cards. Over 30 scent vials are provided and kids try to match the smell with the provided cards! Its a great twist on the old mathcing concept and a great way to show how strong our sense of smell is with memory!

Want more great science toys?



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