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So we’ve carried little indoor helicopter toys, such as this Mini-Flyer Soccer Ball. They are great fun at a low price. But now the same company that makes the Mini-Flyers has added the new Sky Runner, an indoor/outdoor quadracopter.



Unlike conventional mini-quadracotpers the Sky Runner comes with a protective cage that let’s inexperienced flyers get the feel of flying the Sky Runner without the risk of damage when it (inevitably) hits a wall. The cage’s round shape allows it to ‘roll’ along surfaces and up walls.

The Sky Runner can be flown outdoors as well. The controller is 2.4Ghz and has multiple channels so that more than one Sky Runner can be operated in the same area. The controller has 10 functions for operating the Sky Runner including antenna, power light, Up.Down throttle stick, forward/backward trimming , forward/backward/left/right control lever, On-Off switch, Left-turn/right-turn trimming control, sideward fly trimming control, speed and fly/run mode.

Want to buy the Sky Runner?

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