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Lazy Tuesday Video Post

So with a vacation the horizon and many things to take care of before then there isn’t much time to put together a thoughtful post about neat science products. So we’ll laze out and show some nifty videos of some of the items we sell in action!

First up is the new Tin Can Cable Car

Then we have the also new Table Top Robot

Our Popular Static Science Kit

The wonderfully named Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation  Kit

And finally (for today) Bubble Science!

Goldie Blox makes a Rube Golberg Machine Video

Goldie Blox is the Engineering/Inventor toy aimed at girls – not just with pink colors on the box but by using methods that girls actually use in play. It has come onto the market with a splash and they have added the new Goldie Blox and the Parade Float to the series.

To promote the new products Goldie Blox has produced a video wherin several resourceful girls make their own massive Rube Goldberg device, many of the pieces involve parts from Goldie Blox kits.

And, yeah, they set it to a re-written version of the Beastie Boy’s “Girls”.


Want to get Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine? Or Goldie Blox and the Parade Float?


Water Marbles Growing in Time Lapse.

Water Marbles are a wonderful little product where little pellet-sized balls absorb water and grow several times their original size. This is a process that takes a few hours so making a film of it happening is a bit involved. We tried it once and while it is our most watched Youtube video it is not very impressive and is only popular because folks were looking for something else.

But with a Smartphone app called Lapseit we decided to try it once more. We put a 1 pack of Water Marbles into a 1L Griffin Beaker and added water. Then we set the Smartphone to shoot an image once per minute. This was the result:

It turned out pretty good, but by no means perfect. For one thing, this is only part of the process. The Water Marbles would continue to absorb water for another few hours until this was the result:


So why didn’t we show the whole thing? Well, we ran it for about 3-1/2 hours but then the battery in the Smartphone was drained and we had to stop the process. Oh well.

Next time we will be certain to have a charger on hand

Want to buy Water Marbles?



Friday Means Dancing Penguin Chorus Line

Yeah. I’m being lazy. Don’t care. DANCING PENGUIN CHORUS LINE!

(You really want a Dancing Penguin!)


Space Oddity…performed in SPACE!

OK. there’s really not too much I can add to this video.  It is Commander Chris Hadfield performing David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Mind you he is doing this while on the International Space Station.

Some complained that this cover is the most expensive music video ever made since it was done on the ISS, however some point out this simply is not true.




Video Tuesday

Tuesday. It is time for lazy. So here are a couple of time lapse movies we made.

First is a time lapse of the Crazy Aaron’ Strange Attractor Thinking Putty swallowing a magnet:

And we also have an artsy time lapse of the Drinking Bird we keep in the store window.


New Giant Microbe: Cancer

Giant Microbes have been a staple of our store since the early days. These 5-7″ dolls represent giant versions of the microbes that our part of our daily lives. From the Common Cold, to MRSA, and even some non-microbial tiny things such as the Bed Bug and the Brain Cell.

Now Giant Microbes has added a new doll to their line – one they had to give a lot of thought: Cancer


Cancer was tricky because many suffer from it and while this has been a minor issue in the past they wanted some way to encourage people to think they could fight cancer. So they decide to make the Cancer doll turn inside out.

The starting side of the doll is the unchecked cancer cell it is scraggly and has lots of tendrils, oh and a frowny-face!

But the mouth of the face actually has a zipper! Unzip the mouth and turn the doll inside out and you suddenly have the happy ‘cured’ cancer.

Here’s a video of the Cancer being turned inside-out:

Want to buy Giant Microbes?





HABA Terra Kids Working Wood Model Kits

We’ve added a small line of products: The HABA Terra kids model kits. These are wood models you punch out the pieces and assemble to make working wood rubber-band powered models.
First up is the Terra Kids Beetle:


The Beetle, once assembled, will skitter along with its googly eyes bouncing around and looking silly. Here is  a video tube of the assembly process and the beetle in action:

Next would be the Terra Kids Twirling Prawn Kit:

The Prawn is put together, much like the Beetle, but instead of skittering it twirls around.

Finally, we have the Terra Kids Automobile Kit:


This kit is again pieced together from wood punch model pieces. Once assembled the motor will race the car without batteries, just rubber band propulsion! Watch the car getting put together and zoom across the table!

As a company, HABA has been making children’s toys for decades, usually in Europe. These are the first products they have developed that we found were good for our product line. Chek them out!

Thursday Afternoon Lazy Post

Sorry we haven’t posted much recently. We’ve been very busy working on the new website and it is taking up a lot of time. So here is a video of a wind-up crab to tide things over:

Rainy Day Video Time!

It was a fairly slow rainy day here at the store. So its time to take one of our Giant Rainbow Spring (think of a huge plastic slinky) and put it on our curved staircase.

It did pretty well considering that the stair is curved and the treads tend to shrink as it gets closer to the inside of the staircase. Failure only came on the last stair.

Only took 3 takes as well.