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Introducing the new Spectrum Scientifics Website: www.spectrum-scientifics.com

After far too many delays it is finally done! We have a new website everyone! Let me say that again: the new www.spectrum-scientifics.com is up and running! Its still ‘fresh off the presses’ so to speak, so there might still be a few tweaks.  But take a look!

In addition to looking a lot cooler, the new website has loads of great new features, including:

Real-Time Shipping!

The age of  flat-rate, cost-based shipping is over! Now the shipping costs are set to what it actually costs to ship your order. No longer do the people buying a piece of polarizing film need to pay the same rate as someone buying a heavy Newton’s Cradle.  The customer can also choose if they prefer UPS or Priority Mail USPS. In the future we hope to add further options such as overnight & 2 day shipping to the selection.

New Payment Methods

In the past, we accepted all major credit cards. This was fine but in this age many online shoppers prefer to have other options. That is why our new site also accepts PayPal and Google Checkout. This will give customers the payment flexibility they want.

Better Product Organization

We admit it, the old site was getting kinda messy, with tons of products being shoved into 1 huge category (labware, we are looking at you) with little to break it down. The new website has much better categorization of products, so that if you want a griffin beaker you can just go to the griffin beaker subcategory rather than having to wade through every other piece of labware we carry.

Categories by Price & Age

Its not just the people looking for labware who get all the benefits. Now you can shop for science toys by age or for under a certain dollar amount! make sure you get the right toy at the right price!

Wish Lists

Don’t want to buy right now, but don’t want to have to rebuild your cart full of goodies later? The new Spectrum Scientifics webstore now has a wishlist! you will need to be signed into your account to use this feature.

Larger Images & More Images
Our old website only allowed one images, and a rather small one at that. People want to actually SEE the product so the new website has larger pictures (when available) and in some cases multiple pictures of the product!

Social Media Sharing
Like one of our products? Want to share it with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Its just a click of a button away on our new product presentation.


There are some drawbacks to the new website. Sadly if you had an account with our old website it is no longer available. We were unable to transfer the accounts from the old website to the new one. So unfortunately, you will need to make a new account if you want all the features. But that just takes a minute and it means a much better experience for your shopping!
Come check out the new website today!