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Walter Water Baths Get a Face-Lift

Walter Products has offered some excellent low-cost Water Baths that are good for start-up labs, Universities, and High schools. They were not precision instruments but their low prices filled a niche that many institutions found quite useful.

The only trouble is, the design wasn’t exactly inspiring:

Water Bath -3While not critically ugly, the Water Baths were a bit on the bland side. Mind you, this is usually not a major issue for the average lab-user. But on the other hand if you can get a better appearance without any major changes to costs, then why not?


Shake it up! The BenchMark 12L Shaking Water Bath

We have Water Baths, and we have Laboratory Shakers but there are actually many times in Chemistry and BioChemistry where you actually need to have both: The temperature control heating of a water bath combined with the shaking of a Lab Shake. Since it is considered a bad idea to put electrical equipment into water a solution is needed. Hence why BenchMark has developed the SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


The SB-12L does double duty as a water bath as well as a laboratory shaker. It can operate at temperatures from Ambient+5°C up to 80°C. The accuracy is +/- 0.3°C and is set in 0.1°C increments. The shaker portion has an orbit of 25mm and speed range of 30-200 rpm in single increments. The unit is compact, with just 12″ x 13.5″ x 12″. The interior chamber is stainless steel and measures 5.3 x 9.4 x 5.5 in. The timer can have the Shaking Water Bath run from 1 minute up to 48 hours, or operate on a continuous operation. Like all electrical BenchMark lab equipment, the device can run on 115V or 230V, be sure to request the proper plug for your country if ordering for out of the USA.

Bottles, tubes and flasks can be inserted individually and the SB12L holds 12 50ml flasks, 8x125ml flasks, 3x250ml flasks, or 2x500ml flasks or 1 1000ml flask. Some larger flasks may not fit in the water bath. The SB-12L holds an equal or greater number of bottles or tubes. A Universal spring platform is included for holding 15ml and 50ml tubes which the SB-12L can hold 63 or 15/30 respectively.


Optional tube racks for holding 1.5/2.0ml microtubes or 0.5ml microtubes are available.

The SB-12L has a hinged, removable lid to reduce splashing, save energy and divert condensation. When removed the SB-12L can handle taller flasks and bottles.

Compact, efficient and with an excellent price, the BenchMark SB-12L is a great instrument for your lab.  Right now we are offering FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. Customers in AK, HI and PR please contact us for affordable shipping methods.

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Walter Economy Water Baths

We’ve carried Laboratory Baths, both Dry and Water for quote some time now. Laboratory Baths are used to bring samples up to a certain temperature by immersing them in a controlled temperature bath of water. Baths are either ‘Water’ where the samples are immersed directly into the water (in test tubes or other containers, mind you) or ‘dry’ where the samples are in heated blocks.  Laboratory Baths are much more controlled than using other methods such as boiling water or a hot plate. The temperature is much more controlled and allows for proper reactions or growth of the samples.

Laboratory Baths can be a bit costly, however. A 4L model can run over $700. For this you do get an excellent instrument with precision temperature controls & accuracy (0.1 C), timer and in-lab calibration. So don’t misunderstand us – that is an excellent instrument. However, this still might be a bit to pricey for some labs or schools that do not require such precision instruments. For them we have the affordable Water Water Baths

Water Bath -3

Walter Water baths come in 2 Liter, 4 Liter and 8 Liter (shown) sizes.

These Water Baths feature intelligent temperature controller with PID program, digital tube display, over-temperature protection, stainless steel inner container and roof and anti-corrosion exterior , and +/- 1 C sensitivity.

WaterBath Lid

These Baths are excellent for educational facilities, or for start-up labs on a budget.

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