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Lazy Tuesday Video Post

So with a vacation the horizon and many things to take care of before then there isn’t much time to put together a thoughtful post about neat science products. So we’ll laze out and show some nifty videos of some of the items we sell in action!

First up is the new Tin Can Cable Car

Then we have the also new Table Top Robot

Our Popular Static Science Kit

The wonderfully named Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation  Kit

And finally (for today) Bubble Science!

Video Tuesday

Tuesday. It is time for lazy. So here are a couple of time lapse movies we made.

First is a time lapse of the Crazy Aaron’ Strange Attractor Thinking Putty swallowing a magnet:

And we also have an artsy time lapse of the Drinking Bird we keep in the store window.


Stellar Comparisons (and other space related comparisons!)

We’re kind of busy today and will be on vacation all next week, so we’re going to just to a more visual blog entry today. A few size comparison pictures, charts and videos.

Let’s start with a little image showing the retired Space Shuttle next to the incredible Saturn V rocket, as well as some of the Ares rockets:








(click for a larger version of this image)

Now we looked for an image of ISS Space Station compared with other objects, but sadly most such comparison pictures usually had fictional ships as a basis of comparison (USS Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, etc.). But there was an image of the ISS compared with a Boeing 747:









But what about the non-man-made objects that populate our Solar System and the Universe at large? There are actually a number of videos doing comparisons of the relative sizes. Here’s a couple of the better ones: