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Thursday Afternoon Lazy Post

Sorry we haven’t posted much recently. We’ve been very busy working on the new website and it is taking up a lot of time. So here is a video of a wind-up crab to tide things over:

Rainy Day Video Time!

It was a fairly slow rainy day here at the store. So its time to take one of our Giant Rainbow Spring (think of a huge plastic slinky) and put it on our curved staircase.

It did pretty well considering that the stair is curved and the treads tend to shrink as it gets closer to the inside of the staircase. Failure only came on the last stair.

Only took 3 takes as well.


Kaboom! Hog Wild Cannon Ball Shooter!

We’ve had a fun new toy added from Hog Wild, who we’ve had in the past with their Dino Popper! Now they have added another fun foam ball shooting toy: The Cannon Ball Shooter!

Its a simple concept: You stuff a foam ball (you get 6) into the cannon and slam down on the launch pad as hard as you can! The air shoots the ball up to 30 feet. Reload and fire at will! You can even change the angle of the cannon barrel to improve your aim. The cannon has a suction cup on the bottom so that it will stay put on slick surfaces.

Here’s a little video we made of the cannon in action:


Lazy Day Video Time!

OK, we’ve had a lot to go over today so there wasn’t really much time for a proper blog post. Instead we will be lazy and post a video.

What of? Well what happens when you take a SmartPhone and then put a simple Kaleidoscope over the lens? Well, see for yourself:

Rainbow Orb – The Video!

Its kind of a brain-dead day so we’re just going to keep todays entry simple by showing a video of the 9.5″ Rainbow Orb in action.

First the Rainbow Orb pic

And the Video:

Don’t forget that we also have the 12″ Rainbow Orb, the 16″ Ultra Rainbow Orb, and the 20″ Ultra Rainbow Orb also available!


Comet Lovejoy lives!

We just have some time to say a few words: One of the more interesting astronomical events of this year was Comet LoveJoy and its near suicide run to the sun. Turns out it survived and is now visible with the naked eye – in Australia – before dawn. Check out the video!

Comet Lovejoy (2011 W3) rising over Western Australia from Colin Legg on Vimeo.