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Tissue Floating Baths

Spectrum Scientifics has added two new tissue floating baths to our product line!

Tissue floating baths are used in Histology pr pathology to loosed hard or embedded tissue. This needs to be done in a manner that does not result in wrinkles or folds. Slices of tissue also need to be spread out without the aforementioned folds and wrinkles. The tissue floating bath does with a combination of heat and water surface tension. Usually tissue sections are placed right onto slides.

Our first unit is an economical tissue floating bath. Costing just $175 this unit still has excellent features, such as a 2.3 liter black interior chamber for high visibility, a glazed glass lid,  and non-stick coating for easy cleaning!

An important feature with any tissue bath is visibility as you be able to view the specimens to make certain everything is going properly.  That’s why for more advanced users we have a Light Tissue Floating Bath

This more advanced model has side illumination that uses LEDs. This makes the chamber bright and visible for work. In addition, the unit uses a digital temperature control with push-button controls. Both set temperature and actual temperature are shown in the display for accuracy.