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Quick Pick Gifts Under $15!

OK, let’s just talk about low-cost gifts for a few minutes.  Here is list of gifts that are under $15 (or even lower cost) that make excellent gifts for people.

Brain Cell Giant Microbe ($8.95)


What a great way to say ‘Get a brain!’ without being insulting….mostly.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We like to suggest a few ideas for great ‘stocking stuffer’ toys for the holiday season. We keep it to items that a) are under $5 and b) will actually fit in a stocking. Here’s just a few ideas for you:

LadyBug Windup


Great fun – wind it up and watch it zoom around like crazy, flip itself over and spin itself dizzy. We have other Wind-ups as well, such as the Sidewinder Snake, the Sideways Walking Crab and more!
4 pc Finger Lights



4 LED flashlights, each a different color (red, blue, green, white) that wrap around your fingers. Great fun for dance parties or for kids!

Spy Glasses


Wear these Spy Glasses to see if anyone is following you! Special mirrored sides of the lenses allow you a rear-view mirror view!

Deluxe Mini Pocket Kite


A kite you can take anywhere! Folds up into it own little round box (included). Simply unfold it and fly it!

Glow Art


Make picture with light! This little portable light peg toy lets you make pretty images with the pegs. It even has a way to store the pegs when not in use!

Spider Balls


Drop a Spider Ball into water and be amazed as a multitude of multicolored balls will burst forth from the green sac and grow up to 100 times its size within hours! They can be tossed, squished, and rolled!






Early Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

So its getting to be that time of year, so how about some suggestions to make life easier? We’ll start off slow with some simple ‘stocking stuffer’ suggestions.  For this we have 2 criteria to qualify as a ‘stocking stuffer’:

1) Be under $15

2) Fit in a (knit) stocking

So let’s get some gift ideas out there!

Let’s start with a popular item, the Top Secret Perpetual Spinning Top! Give the top a spin and it will go for days before even thinking about tipping over.

Perpetual Spinning Top

Perpetual Spinning Top

Next up we have the Mini-Newton’s Cradle. It works just like its big brother (with conservation of momentum that is) but can fit in the palm of your hand!

Mini Newton's Cradle

Mini Newton's Cradle

The HexBug Crab reaches the limit in both price, and might stretch a stocking in its packaging, but it qualifies! This little guy comes to sound and flees from light!

HexBug Crab

Hexbug Crab

The Ghost Writer Invisble Ink Pen is quite affordable and includes the UV light for seeing what you wrote!

Ghost Writer Invisible Ink Pen

Ghost Writer Invisible Ink Pen

Squidy is a perennial science favorite as it demonstrates pressure. Your own little cartesian diver!

Squidy Cartesian Diver

Squidy Cartesian Diver

Give the gift of…vomit? Sure, when it is a cool dissectible Owl Pellet!

Owl Pellet

Owl Pellet

Make dinner fun for little engineers with the Fork Lift Fork! Check out the Bulldozer Pusher and the Front Loader Spoon!

Fork Lift Fork

Fork Lift Fork

Launch the Firefly into the air with the rubber band and it spins down to earth in a dazzle of colored lights!



That’s a good list to start with! We’ll have more suggestions as the holiday season progresses! Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for more gift ideas!