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More Modarri – The Ultimate Toy Car

Some more items from Modarri have come into our store. They;ve expanded the car offerings as well as recieved the body changes and tires. Lets have a look at the new Modarri Cars. First up is the DIY Street Car



A bit overwhelmed.

If we lack a blog post today it is because we are a little overwhelmed. Lotsa business today and this is the reason why:


Celebrating our 4th Anniversary!

That’s right! Spectrum Scientifics has been open for business for 4 years! We can remember our first day: November 1st, 2007. Many products were still being put in place, being pulled out of boxes, tagged, and put on shelves or whereever else they would fit!

Things were kind of sparse the first day – we didn’t have any signage on the windows or the storetop. No hanging sign, the front windows didn’t have the display tables to show producst. We had said we would open on November 1st on a small sign on the door and kept the door open all day. But overall there wasn’t much traffic coming in. In fact we only had one sale on the day – a small vial of iron filings.

We also didn’t have a webstore at that point – just a placeholder page telling of our opening date and how to contact us. That would not be ready until May of 2008.

At first we sold science toys, telescopes, microscopes, some glass labware, and a handful of  science instruments. Today we sell full lines of Lab Equipment, Science Instruments, Lab Furniture, and large amounts of advanced Lab Glassware.

In just 4 years we have seen fads rise and fall (silly rubber bands anyone?), toy manufacturers come and go, while others soldier on. We’ve seen our neighbors on Main St. in Manayunk change and evolve.  We’ve also seen the economy go from teetering, to near collapse, to, well, whatever it is doing right now.

This has been a rough ride but we knew it would be that way. Here’s hoping we make it for many more years to come!