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Solar Powered Butterfly

We’ve got a new nifty Solar Powered Toy in stock, its the Solar Powered Butterfly!

This is a butterfly that flaps its wings in sunlight. You put it together and color the wings as you like, then place it in a sunny window as shown. The solar panel then powers the wings to flap!

As mentions, this is a toy that you assemble yourself. The kit arrives disassembled and uncolored as you see here:

Solar panel, motor, clamps, wings, and suction cups are all included, as well as paint to color up the wings. You can follow the pattern on the box or do it your own way! Full color instructions are included!

This is a great project that teaches kids some basic circuitry, solar power, as well as letting them show their artistic side!  For ages 8+.


Solar Powered Frolicking Flower

Sometimes we get some cool toys in the store that have a bit of science, but are mostly just fun. The new Solar powered frolicking flower is one of those toys.

Place this ‘flower’ in sunlight and it will bob, weave, and dance.  Its a fun toy for a windowsill, garden or other sunny location! Its stands just over 4″ tall, so it can fit between real plants.  Its durable enough to live outdoors, so it can add a bit of fun to a garden or windowbox.

Let’s see the frolicking flower in action: