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MENTOS & SODA – The Rocket Car Edition

OK, so pretty much everyone who has been on the internet has had a chance to see the classic Geyser Tube in action – The tube drops the Mentos into the soda bottle, the surface collects the fizzy bubbles and soda come streaming out. Great times! But now there is great new product that takes advantage of this little trick: The Great Geysers Soda Geyser Car


The idea is simple, since soda shoots out real fast when you drop Mentos into it, there should be some reaction to that action. I mean that’s just basic physics, yes? In this case the kit is assembled like a car, but is based around an empty soda bottle. You pour in the soda of your choice (this lets you try different ‘fuel’ experiments) drop in the Mentos and watch the car race off! It goes from 100-200 feet on a ‘charge’ of soda and Mentos. Detailed instructions explain how to assemble the car, how to run the basic car launch, and how to try different experiments with other sodas and such. In classic BeAmzing style the instructions are written for both kids and parents.

The Soda Geyser Car is a great little piece of equipment for Science Fairs to show how different setups can be done and tested. The instructions help out with that part as well!

So take the Mentos & Soda to the next level and have it move a toy car!