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Microscope Slide Warmers

In the field of biological or medical research, very often microscope slides need to be warmed when they are not in use – either to keep the life in them alive or to make certain certain actions or biochemical processes are taking place. Sometimes it just won’t do to look at a cold, dead slide! For the solution to this problem we have several models of slide warmers that can help in the lab!

The two first models are fairly simple in design: A small plate-top model that has a 10″ x 7″ top with dial controlled temperature and LED display:


A larger unit for more active labs comes with a 25″ x 8″ top:


This has sufficient space to warm quite a collection of slides.

You may notice that these models, while excellent, do have the issue of just being a flat plate that the slides are placed on. This is OK but taking slides off the plate with gloved hands (crucial in some fields) can sometimes be a bit tricky. Also in busy labs slides can be pushed around on the plate, causing some unwanted mixing. A solution to that end is the Step-Up Slide Warmer. Sometimes its best just to let the picture do the talking:


With this design the slide ends do not rest on the plate, making for easy retrieval. The stacked formation design also is more efficient and is able to hold twice as many slides as a plate model of the same size. Up to 40 slides can be warmed and the stacking system allows for much greater organization.

Oh, don’t forget that we also have been carrying a Microscope Stage Warmer for those who need to have their slides warmed while they are actually being observed!

TS-Stage Warmer

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