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More Artec Science Kits (part 3)

Artec, that crazy Japanese company that makes great and original science kits has sent a few new products to us. Let’s start with the RC Cube:



Remote Control Color Bug!

We’ve added a great little product that is both art and science! Its the Remote Controlled Color Bug!

Its soooo cute!

The idea is simple, you have a remote control ladybug, as well as a simple controller that even a 4 year old can control.  You also get a set of washable markers that you insert into the remote control ladybug! Then as the bug moves around it draws on the paper (you have to provide the paper). By steering it and making it do twists and turns you get all kinds of patterns from the marker. Change out the pen to a different color to make a multi-colored art piece!

Here’s an example (courtesy of RCToys) of one very determined artists and her Color Bug!


The color bug is just $19.95, which makes it less expensive than many remote control toys, and its a lot more fun for little kids. Designed for ages 4+!