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Wanna Play Cards? Nature themed playing cards!

We’ve had great success with science themed playing cards, such as the Night Sky Playing Cards or the Rocks & Minerals Playing Cards. But we have now added four regional playing card sets, each with a nature theme!

These decks are made by Adventure Publications, who take the time to craft a quality product. Each card in the deck shows a different specimen or species from the theme of the deck. Even the jokers get specimens!

First up is the Mammals of the Northeast playing cards

4314This deck shows 54 different species of mammals that live in the Northeastern portion of the USA.

Next up is the Wildflowers of the Northeast playing cards


Each card in this playing deck has a brilliant image of an attractive wildflower native to the Northeast USA.

Going from flowers to trees we have the Trees of the Northeast playing cards


This deck has leaf images of tree types of the Northeast USA.

In addition, we also have Bird of the Northeast playing cards, which will be available online as soon as the artwork is ready.

All of these decks are standard decks of playing cards with four suits, Ace thru King, and two jokers. Each card has a different specimen or species with image and name.

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Playing Cards

Playing cards are great fun, from a simple game of solitaire to Texas Hold ’em. But the classic design of cards gets kind of boring after a while. We¬† carry more entertaining playing cards already but a few new lines have come out and we jumped on the chance to carry them!

First up is the new Night Sky Playing Cards

Each card shows a constellation with descriptive details and the star pattern of that constellation. The suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs) are also indicators of the best season for viewing the constellation! Great fun and a neat way to learn while playing cards.

We also now have the Rocks & Minerals playing cards

Each card has a colorful photograph of one of the most common and sought after specimens in the USA.

Both packs have 52 cards in all and cost just $5.95!