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Comet ISON Orbit Paper Model

Comet ISON is coming, and still seems to be intact. There are still fears that it may break up on its close orbit around the sun but for now it is visible in the predawn sky, allegedly with binoculars. Your viewing experience may vary.

To better visualize Comet ISON or to create a nifty school project NASA has made available a paper model that you can construct that shows the orbit with dates of Comet ISON.


A simple box showing the sun and the orbits of Mercury, Venus and the Earth along with an insert that shows the location of the comet on any particular day. The downloadable PDF also has helpful information about the comet beyond just the model and includes assembly instructions. You will need heavy cardstock paper to make a structurally sound paper model along with a color printer. PDF’s, of course, require a copy of Abobe Reader. But you knew that!


Mars Rover Curiosity Paper Model!

So you want a little bit of the Mars Rover of your own? Don’t want to wait for LEGO to make a version? Well there has been a decent sized 1:20 paper model that has been available since last December thanks to the nice folks at paper-replika.com:

Mars Rover Curiosity

It looks really cool to us.

The Model is 3 pages, and should probably be done on heavier stock paper. There are a few hoops you need to go through to get to the model instructions (agreeing to their terms and a password) but we think it is worth it, especially since it is FREE!


More Paper Models -Geology

Back from our vacation!

We had a lot of popular response to our previous blog entry on Paper Model Spaceships, so we thought it would be good to try a few different science-based paper models. This time with a concentration on Geology!

We’ll start off with some free models offered by GeoBlox. In their free section they have many Geology based paper models. They have models like the Jetty (shown),  Earthquake, Platetectonics, and more.

Want something a little more davanced? The Fault Analysis Group of Dublin has a bunch of paper models.  These cover different fault types, methods by which strata appear, and much more.

Other ‘models’ are meant to be placed around round objects, such as this model of  the Earth’s plates that goes around a tennis ball (note direct link to pdf).



Paper Space Models!

So, are you the type who likes to make stuff with your hands? Have you ever done Origami? If you have or you haven’t you can still have fun putting together some paper models of NASA Space Probes! You can download any fifteen paper model pdf’s, print them out  and fold them into space probes like the Mars Express shown on the right or probes the Cassini, Galileo, NEAR and others. There is even a balloon powered nanorover (you have to provide the balloon – they are not downloadable yet).

The skill level varies from the simple to the challenging. So start out with a simple Cassini model and work your way up to the challenging Galileo probe! Enjoy!