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MOVA Globe Cubes

For a few years we have been happily selling the MOVA Globes in their various sizes and planetary representations. Now we have added their recent entry to their product line: The Mova Cube Globes, in Antique Finish:


Or the Blue Relief Map Finish:



Lazy Tuesday Video Blog Post

Adventures this morning consisted of a blown out bicycle tire followed by a 3 miles walk in bike shoes. So forgive me if this post is a bit on the lazy side. We’re just going to spotlight some recent videos taken for our youtube channel

Let’s start with a video of the recently discussed Magnetic “Sand” Timer in action:

Here is DStar’s Vacuum Engine/Flame Licker Engine in action:

A silly solar powered Sock Monkey

One of the large, 6″ MOVA Political Earth Globes doing its spinning thing:

Finally, the DStar Basic Stirling Engine in action: