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Metal Earth – Star Wars. They. Are. Here!

We’ve been waiting to get these for a while. A lot of little delays happened with production and ordering but now we can happily say that we now have METAL EARTH STAR WARS MODELS!

For those of you unfamiliar, Metal Earth is a set of models made from laser-cut sheets of steel. The come in simple envelopes and are used to make things like Sailing Ships, Tanks, Planes, historic buildings, and so on. The models are small (3-4″ typically), but have insane levels of detail.  A few of the models were licensed, but they never really added any big lines. Until now:



Metal Earth – New Models Part 2

OK in part 1 we covered most of the new Metal Earth models that are popular landmarks, now it is time for everything else. So let;s start with a TANK!



New MetalWorks Part 2

OK, so we got the MetalWorks  3D LaserCut Metal Models F-22 Raptor, The Tiger Tank, The Golden Hind, The Tin Lizzie and the Brooklyn Bridge in our last blog entry.  But these were not all the new MetalWorks models we added. There’s actually a few more! Let’s take a look:

First up is the Pirate Ship Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Carribean movie:


From the world of Modern Drone Aviation there is the RQ170 Sentinel Drone


For more classic aviation, there is the Japanese Zero Fighter Plane


And also this incredibly detailed Steam Locomotive


A classic detailed Ferris Wheel


And countering the Zero Fighter Plane above is an excellent model of a F4U Corsair Fighter-Bomber


All these models come on 1 or 2 sheets of flat metal and range in size from 3″ to 5″ on their long side. The models are incredibly detailed and take 30-60 minute to assemble. Great for ages 12+.

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New MetalWorks Models

The folks who make MetalWorks (formerly Metal Marvels) have been busy adding new products to their line. They particularly been adding a lot of new ‘2 sheeters’ – Metal models that use two sheets to build larger and more detailed models. As always, these metal models have an incredible amount of detail and can usually be assembled in 30-45 minutes. These are the models we have added recently:

MetalWorks Tiger I Tank


The fearsome and infamous German Tank is first up. It is about 5″ long and even has a camo pattern on the tank’s ‘skin’.

Next up is the famous Ford Model T 1908 ‘Tin Lizzie’


The Tin Lizzie is another 2 sheeter and measures about 5″ long with incredible detail – including the Ford Logo and pattern on the seat fabric.

For modern warfare enthusiasts there is the USA F-22 Raptor Fighter


Enjoy building this 2-sheet Fighter Jet!

For those who enjoy the engineering models in this series we have a model of one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA – The Brooklyn Bridge


So, wanna buy a bridge?

And we also have the incredibly detailed Golden Hind, a model of the ship Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the world:


Rigging, flags, and other incredible details are visible in this 2 sheet model.

More MetalWorks Models to come tomorrow! See you then!

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New Metal Marvel Building Toys!

We’ve had great success with the Metal Marvels. These are simple kits where you punch out metal pieces, bend them into shape and assemble. The kits are laser-cut and usually can be assembled in about 30-45 minutes. These were good for us so we added a few new models to our line!

First up is the Space Shuttle Metal Marvel. The shuttle may be retired, but it still makes for an excellent model!


Buildings were very popular so we also figured some of the European structures would do well. That is why we know have the Eiffel Tower Metal Marvel.

Across the channel, we have London’s Big Ben Clock Tower.

All Metal Marvel models are 3-4″ tall (or long for ones like the Shuttle) and are for ages 13+. They arrive flat on laser-punched cards so they can fit in an envelope or card.


Metal Marvels – You build them

Sorry we missed yesterday’s blog entry, but we were getting a lot of new stuff in stock, some of which is really cool. We are especially fond of the new Metal Marvels. These are models that come flat. You punch out the laser-cut pieces (or use a cutting tool if needed, and assemble them to make cool metal models. Each model is about 3-4″ tall or wide. Some examples of these kits are The Chrysler Building


Or perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge


More mundanely, but no less impressive are models like this Jet Plane



Or the WW1 Classic Fokker DVII


There are plenty of models to choose from and at just $7.99 each they make great little gifts or stocking stuffers! Pick some up today!


Anatomical Models, or plastic parts is parts!

We carry a fair number of anatomical models on our website, so many that we actually have a whole section devoted to the line. We won’t cover everything in that section, but we will hit a few highlights. Let’s start off with popular skeleton models.

Human Skeleton Model With Muscles

Human Skeleton Model with Muscles

This guy is a popular model with the muscles built in on one side of the body. A half-size version is also available for this with space or budget concerns.  For those who do not want muscles on their skeleton we have a full-size unmuscled model. We also carry a line of supurb, highly realistic skeletons used for close-up medical study – contact us for details on that line.

OK, but sometimes you need more than a few muscles – you need a whole bunch of muscles and some skin on those models! That is where the Human Torso models come into play.

Knowbody Teching Model

The Know Body Teaching Torso

The KnowBody is perhaps the top of the line human torso model.  With 19 dissectable parts, 10 detachable parts and 150 hand numbered parts it is only beaten in quality by its Advanced Brother/Sister.

But if you are on more of a budget you might want to think about the 11 part Human Torso Model  or the 6 Part torso model.
So how about some of the parts inside the human body? You know, THE GUTS!

Lets start with the Jumbo Heart Model

Jumbo Heart Model

Jumbo Heart Model

If this 5x life size heart is too much we have a life size model, or if you are more interested in the way the heart actually pumps blood we have the technically magnificent Hands-on cardiac simulator for classroom work!

There more in the body besides the heart, of course. There’s the brain:

Brain model


Available as budget or 4 part budget model

There’s all those other organs as well. The Liver

Liver Model

Liver Model

The Stomach

Stomach Model

Stomach Model

(and its buddy The Digestive System Model)

The Kidney

Kidney Model

Kidney Model

(and of course the diseased pancreas & spleen)

We have many other models, of course, but they involve plants, mitosis, or other biological processes that may involve humans but are not human part models. We’ll cover them in a future post.