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‘Military Spec’ Binoculars? Maybe yes, maybe no!

We quite often hear people talking about ‘military spec’ binoculars or just plain military binoculars. We’re not exactly sure what makes a binocular military, but from an milspecbinosexamination of google images for that search term it seems that that military binoculars posses at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. Green body color or other camo scheme
  2. Rubberized armored body
  3. No central focus wheel
  4. Built-in compass
  5. Thick binocular body frame
  6. Attached lens caps

You may notice what is missing in there: namely “actually used by one of the world’s militaries”. Sadly there are a huge number of manufacturers out there who think that just plopping one of the above features (or in the case of #3 lack of features) they can call them ‘military’ or ‘tactical’ or ‘mil-spec’. (more…)