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Water Prisms

We’ve carried Water Prisms for a few years now, and they still never fail to impress. The idea is simple, make a glass structure with large sized facets – like a glass prism only larger, and fill it with water. The water acts as the transparent medium that breaks up the light into its component colors and makes rainbows on your walls!

Diamond Water Prism

Diamond Water Prism

Now in theory one could make such a prism out of solid glass or plastic but the cost would be prohibitive, not to mentions issues with the weight. So the best way is to make a faceted container and fill it with water to act as the prism. The trouble is while that is easy in theory, in practice many issues come up – especially with the water prisms leaking. This has caused problems in the past and discouraged some folks from have these prisms in their sunny windows.

However, the water prisms we sell are built using a proprietary technique that prevents the water from leaking! we have yet to see a single drop come out of one of these gorgeous prisms in the years we have had them on display. So the engineeringĀ  issues have been resolved, at least with the models we carry!

So how well do they work? I can only say we love it when we have a Water Prism in the window on a sunny day as it means that that we are assured some great rainbows throughout the store. For example right now we have one of the smaller water prisms – the single pyramid rainbow prism.

Pyramid Water Prism

Pyramid Water Prism

And today, being a sunny warm day in… November, we not only got a bunch of little rainbows around the room, but also this big one about 30 feet from the window!

HUUUGE Rainbow!

We get these quite often given our sunny window and the effectiveness of the water prisms!

Water Prisms are excellent gifts for anyone who has a sunny window. You might also consider the Rainbow Maker for creating lots of small, moving rainbows in your room!