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Kristal Space Age Ant Habitat.

Ant Farms and Habitats are always a bit of a tricky area for us. Some folks consider them a standard but many customers tend to say ‘I don’t want ants in my house’. But you really can’t call yourself a science store without having some kind of Ant Habitat so we decided we would go with the best one on the market: The Kristal Space Age Ant Habitat.


Let’s get a couple things out of the way right off the top – this is a much more involved Ant Habitat kits that most. We looked over the reviews on this product and found the biggest complaint was the people did not expect to have to do anything to set up their ant farm.  The primary ‘complaint’ was that you had to make the gel. This does take some work and and old saucepan, but it does mean the child is involved in the setup much more than just dumping ants into a box with sand. Some folks cannot handle the extra work involved with this, so be warned.

Once you have made the gel, you can order your ants and plant the seeds. The included Basil seeds make this Ant Habitat really stand out. This makes the habitat have a real plant growth within the box.

Ants usually take about 2-4 weeks to arrive and the company Kristal has chosen seems to be a good one. Very few complaints about dead ants on arrival which has been an issue with some other Ant Habitats. The ants usually start digging right away or within a day or so. The gel is the ant’s food so they will probably start eating and making tunnels quite quickly.

The ants are not completely maintenance-free. The instructions suggest lifting the lid once a day.

The Habitat sits on top of a multi-colored LED light that gives the gel a nice glow. The light is battery driven and the batteries are not included, but there is a nice micro-USB port included so a better suggestion is to use an old micro-USB  phone adapter to power the light. You can also buy cell-button AG13 batteries to power it, but buying a micro-USB cord is probably more economical in the long run.

The Kirstal Ant Habitat is an excellent and involved science project for kids. It is an excellent way for kids to learn and see how ants live!

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