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The TrippNT 108 HPLC Column Cabinet

Analytic chemistry has a process known as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) wherin a mixture is separated into its components for identification. The process is fairly complex and involves a pump as well as a solid-filled ‘column’ than the mixture is pumped through.

These columns are special equipment, with varying lengths and solids inside them.


These columns need a bit of care and cannot just be left on a shelf somewhere. Specialty storage is needed, especially if the lab in question does a lot of HPLC work.

Enter the TrippNT 108 HPLC Cabinet!


This cabinet can store 108 HPLC columns in individual compartments. The trays in the drawers are removable and adjustable. Each tray has an acrylic lid.:


And of course, we have a lovely video of the HPLC Cabinet ‘in action’.

The HPLC ColumnĀ  Cabinet costs well under $600 and is a must for any lab that has to do frequent HPLC work. It ships assembled so no time is wasted putting it all together.

For Labs that do only occasional HPLC work or have space imitations consider the budget HPLC ColumnĀ  storage cabinet.

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Have we mentioned our line of Lab Furniture lately?

At Spectrum Scientifics, we carry a lot of products for kids, as well as serious equipment for lab workers and scientists. One of the more important lines we carry is our Lab Furniture. This line is built-0n-demand, usually made of chemically resistant PVC or other plastic materials, and are all made in the USA!

Equipment ranges from this rotating lab shelf

To this light duty lab cart

Up to this huge 8′ mobile Lab ‘Island’

These are just examples of desktop and ‘desk’ styles however, this line also includes Bio-Hazard shields to keep the zombie-making liquids* away from you!

* Zombie -making fluids do not actually exist.

Other popular products in this line are the 108 Compartment HPLC cabinet, used to store analytical HPLC columns ( a chromatography item).

This Lab Furniture line truly has ‘something for everyone’ – from simply filling some storage needs to full on lab-top workspace. There is something to take care of your needs!