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Science Jigsaw Puzzles, Part 1

We’ve toyed with this notion for a while, and even carried one or two here or there, but until recently we were not very happy with the offerings of science oriented puzzles in the past. That has changed. Poster-company Eurographics decided that they could take some of their many posters and make some good jigsaw puzzles out of them! We have decided to carry a few of them to see how they do. Most of these puzzles are 1,000 pieces ( a couple are 750 pieces) and gorgeously detailed. We have chosen a wide variety of science topics that you can enjoy assembling.

First up up are the astronomy puzzles. The NASA Solar System planet images is very pretty:

And we would not be doing much good if we didn’t have a Night Sky Map Puzzle

And of course we have an impressive Map of the Moon Puzzle

Finally, in the astronomy category, we have this 750 piece puzzle of the Solar System that lays out vertically 12″ x 36″ when assembled:

In part 2 we will cover the puzzles in other science categories: