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BenchMark Scientific’s New MyTemp Incubator and Incubator/Cooler

BenchMark Scientific continues to produce innovative new products for the lab. Their latest items are the MyTemp Mini-Incubator and the MyTemp Mini incubator/Cooler.

Both of  these mini-incubators offer Digital quality and analog pricing. You have the control of the temperature to the degree with the ease of an analog control. The device can also work on a timer so that it can heat up (or cool down with the cooling version) immediately and maintain the temperature for a set period of time.

The footprint of the MyTemp (either version) is a mere 14.5″ x 13″ making it an excellent tool for cramped labs. Despite this is it is able to handle flasks up to 2 liter, and a nutating rocker is available that fits in it (see below) It comes standard with a US 115V, 60Hz plug but a 230V, 50 Hz version is available.  Both versions can reach 62 degrees C, and the cooling version can go to 15 degrees cooler than ambient temperature, down to a minimum of 7 degrees C.

There is more! BenchMark also has a mini nutating lab rocker that fits inside the MyTemp! It is small enough to fit in the MyTemp’s interior – has a 8″x 6″ rocking platform that rotates at a 20 degree angle and a fixed 24 rpm. It is perfect for the BenchMark MyTemp but works well with any incubator. It even has a flat cord so that the incubator door can seal better.

It fits!

Extra shelves are also available for those who want to maximize their surface area in the MyTemp.

The MyTemp heater can be purchased from Spectrum Scientifics. The link for the Heating only version is here, and the Heating/Cooling version is here.

Benchmark Scientifics New Everlast 247 Laboratory Rocker

Benchmark Scientific has made a great name for itself by providing low-cost, high quality lab equipment. A good part of their line includes lab rockers that are used for staining, destaining, gentle mixing, or many other purposes.

But lab workers demanded something a bit more durable & long lasting. Sure the Benchmark rockers were tough, but scientists wanted them to be able to operate under cold room conditions, in incubators, or just be able to rock 24 hours, 7 days a week for years at a time. And by rock we don’t mean rock like your local radio station.

So Benchmark developed the Everlast Rocker 247, the Lab rocker that they are so confident of its durability that they back it with an unprecendented 5 Year limited warranty!

Benchmark Everlast Rocker 247

The BenchMark Everlast Rocker 247

The Everlast 247 rocker is designed for long endurance use – it can withstand cold room temperatures (down to 0 degrees  C) or incubators (max. 65 degrees C). It can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no problem. The heavy duty motor and system can handle it without a hitch.

The rocking speed can go from a gentle 3 rpm up to an aggressive 80 rpm for serious mixing. The tilt angle can be adjusted by the user from 0 to 20 degrees.

The platform is durable stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion, it can handle up to 16 lbs (7.5 kg).  In addition, an optional stacking platform can be added as well. A non-slip rubber mat is included for traction.

Everlast with Stacking Platform

Everlast Rocker 247 with stacking platform

The optional platform mounts with a 3.5″ clearance.

This durable lab rocker will give hard-working labs a tool that goes with their schedule demands.




BenchMark Scientifics Great Offer with the Multi-Therm or Incu-Shaker!

Benchmark Scientific makes some of the best and most affordable lab equipment on the market. Now they’ve made a great offer where if you buy their Multi-Therm Shaker or Incu-Shaker Mini and you’ll get a FREE CoolCube, Vortex Mixer, or Mini Centrifuge!

The Multi-Therm is BenchMark’s excellent heating/cool shaking system for microplates and various sizes if centrifuge tubes!



The Multi-Therm come in two designs – one for cooling (-20C) and heating  (100C) and one for just heating  (Ambient+5 to 100C). Both units can shake from 200 to 1500 rpm in a 3mm orbit.  The Multi-Therm has a large variety of  exchangeable blocks available to hold tubes  from 0.2ml to 50ml, with several blocks to hold sizes  in between! You get the free CoolCube, Vortexer, or Mini-Centrifuge whichever model you choose.

The Incu-Shaker Mini is small and mighty. It is designed to work with larger flasks – heating them while shaking them!

Incu-Shaker Mini

Incu-Shaker Mini

The Incu-Shaker heats from Ambient +5C up to 60C. It shakes from 30 to 300 rpm with an orbit of 19mm. All of this power fits in an footprint that is smaller than 16″ deep and 11″ wide (10.5″ tall).  The Incu-Shaker can use either the racks devoted to specific sizes of flasks or it can employ the versatile MAGic Clamp platform that allows magnetic attachment of a variety of flask holding clamps or even a Tube Rack. Ordering the Incu-Shaker gets you a free CoolCube, Vortexer or Mini-Centrifuge!

This offer ends 11/31/2011! So be sure to take advantage of this great offer! When ordering, be sure to note which free product you want in our ‘Comments’ section!

You can download a pdf  brochure of this offer here.


BenchMark Incu-Shaker 10L

Benchmark once again comes through with innovative  and affordable new lab equipment. This time they’ve taken their popular Incu-Shaker Mini and made it bigger to make the BenchMark  Incu-Shaker 10L

Benchmark Incu-shaker 10L

BenchMark Incu-Shaker 10L

Like its little brother, this incu-shaker combines an incubation system with a lab shaking system (30-300 rpm) for those systems that require heat and shaking to occur. The larger capacity of the Incu-Shaker means that special shelves for petri dishes, trays, and microplates can be added (to a maximum of 3).  The system also has its own size MAGic Clamp for holding down flasks and other labware.  The system is very versatile and ready to serve you and your lab! The best part is despite the excellent quality and options the Incu-Shaker 10L is only $4,895 – the nearest equal competitor’s model comes in at over $6,000+! So its a great deal and an great instrument!

The New Benchmark Orbi-Shaker C02!

Benchmark Scientific has done it once again! They’ve already neatly filled the orbital lab shaker market with a great series of products like the Orbi-Shaker, the Incu-Shaker and the low-speed Orbi-Blotter among others. But now they have also added the Orbi-Shaker CO2.