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New Books on Electronics & Magnets

We’ve got a couple of more new books in stock – these are part of our new ‘make your own science fun’ series (not the official name, BTW), much like the Soda Bottle Rocket & Practical Pyromaniac books, these are great teaching books with loads of hands on projects.

First up is Haywired – Pointless (yet awesome) Projects For The Electronically Inclined



Haywired starts off fast,with a description of how to build a painting where the eyeballs actually move (Creepy!). From there it goes on to give hints and ideas on how to make projects, and all sorts of new gadget ideas such as a capacitor racing car, talking alarm clock, and more. All of these can be built with simple components and detailed pictures are used throughout the book!

From Electricity to Magnetism we move onto Mondo Magnets

Mondo Magnets

Mondo Magnets covers a lot of classic magnet experiment, from playing with iron filings and magnets, to floating magnets, linear accelerators, and much more. Over 40 experiments are described in detail.


Kitchen Science

We’ve got a new kit in stock, and it is called Kitchen Science

Kitchen Science

Kitchen Science relies on household items to let your perform great experiments.  A total of 6 specially designed experiments can be done with the kit. You can power a clock (included) using a lemon and a fork. You can also launch a mini rocket, make tasty rock candy, make a mini-volcano that spits ‘lava’, reveal fingerprints, and expose invisible ink!

Kitchen Science does require common household materials like a lemon, baking soda, vinegar and more. It is an excellent kit for getting kids to see the science that is in their lives (and in their kitchen) every day!

Summer Science Suggestions!

Summer is coming – in fact the ‘unofficial start’ of Summer has already passed us with Memorial Day weekend. So school will end soon and there will be lots of time to play outdoors and we have some nifty products for that! Let’s get started!

First up is the Bubble Thing!

Bubble Thing

This nifty gadget makes HUGE bubbles and they can last a long time – in fact they last so well that when we thought it would be a neat idea to demonstrate the Bubble Thing in front of our store the bubbles took off with the wind and went 3/4 of a block  down – and right into the nice people dining outdoors  at Derek’s restaurant. Oops! Sorry folks.  But it made a big impression and you can make the big bubbles – don’t forget the refill solution!

Another nifty outdoor toy is the classic Flying Machine

Flying Machine

This balsa-wood, rubber-band powered toy plane is a classic. Assembly is easy  and when you wind it up it can fly as far as a football field is long! Adjust the wings and it will zoom around in a circle! You can even get it to take off on its own and land like  real plane!

Sunprint Kits are another great outdoor activity.

Super Sunpint Kit

Sunprint kits are sets of light-sensitive film. You put objects like leaves, branches, flowers, coins, etc. on top of the film. Then place it in sunlight. After 1-5 minutes (depending on how bright the sunlight is) it exposes. Then you dunk it in water to develop it! You can make lots of great images with the film. Don’t forget the refills!

A recently added and popular item are out Foam Stunt Jet Planes

Stunt Jet

These come in a variety of colors and are powered by a simple throw. Unlike a lot of other thrown toys these jets glide impressively and when thrown outdoors the flaps can be adjusted to make the jet to stunts! Make it do simple turns, or loops, or other tricks! The toys work best outdoors, but the soft foam construction means they can be flown indoors as well.

We also can’t forget one of our other favorite toys! The Flip n Flyer!

Flip N Flyer

The Flip n Flyer is one part flying disc, one part gyroscope. You can throw it and catch it like any flying disc, but you can also catch it and spin it by its cord! When you do it keeps on spinning and that gyroscopic action lets you do all sorts of neat tricks!

Last, but by no means least, there is always the chance to go fly a kite


From the simple and differently colored diamond kites.  To the easy-to-fly Fly-Hi kites, or the Shark, P-51, & Blue Angel kites, or even the advanced Box & Cellular Kites there is a kite for many people’s tastes!

These are just a few ideas, and we will have many more to come as Summer builds up. Make this a Summer of science fun!