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Our Hemocytometer is probably one of the most popular ‘industrial’ products that we carry.  It is well built, decently priced, and very effective for what it does.

A hemocytometer is designed to be used with a microscope to count blood cells.  The critical part of any Hemocytometer is a thick slide with a rectangular indentation with an etched grid (usually laser etched in this day and age).

The better designed slides use a grid pattern known as a Improved Neubauer. The grid has several areas of known size marked of, so that if one counts the blood cells in that grid one can get an accurate figure of how many cells are in the sample.This overall area is known as the counting chamber.

Many “Hemocytometers” are sold without any crucial accessories – one of  the most important is a Hemocytometer cover slip (shown above). This is important as the cover slip is much thicker than typical microscope cover slips. The slip cover must be placed over the counting chamber before adding the sample. The sample is then added to the edge of the cover slip and capillary action draws in the fluid . The counting chamber is then filled properly and counting can be done under a microscope. After that it is just math.

Part of the kit includes a syringe that is used to introduce the sample to the edge of the of cover slip once it is in place.

( No, we didn’t take it out of the packaging, that thing is sharp!)

Very often samples need to be diluted before counting can take place, and while not ultra-critical our kit comes with two important dilution pipets. One for red blood cells, one for white blood cells.

Naturally, they are color coded for your convenience!

Since bloodwork can be dangerous, we advise always wearing rubber gloves and cleaning hemocytometer gear completely and carefully.

Spectrum Scientific’s Hemocytometer Kit sells for $47.95 and while it lacks some of the advanced features of much more expensive sets (such as anti-reflective coatings on the counting chamber) we cannot say that prices of $200+ are worth such features.  This is also a complete kit – not just a glass slide that other companies may offer.  Be sure of your needs when ordering!