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Hand Trux

We’ve got a new toy in stock just in time for trips to the shore or just to the sandbox outside! Its made in the USA and is all kinds of awesome. Its the HandTrux!

What are these HandTrux, you may ask? Well, they are little shovels for kids to put their arms into and play in the sand, snow, dirt, marbles, or piles of aything that can be dug through! Kids put their hands into the HandTrux like so:

With a simple grip and some durable plastic their hands are now powerful steam shovels that kids can use to dig and shovel!

Its not just sand either, snow can be dug through with the Hand Trux as well, making these a year-round toy!

Hand Trux can be used for fun at the beach, in the snow, in sandbox, in the dirt or anywhere kids like to dig! Its an excellent activity toy, made in the USA, and great fun for kids age 5+. Even adults can have fun playing with them (if their arms fit in them, of course).