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Joyous Jellyfish Glowing Glass Art Paperweights

Having covered the excellent handmade glass astronomy products last week, we can now cover the other line of products, the Handmade glass jellyfish paperweights!

Let’s start with the larger 6.5″ tall models, they come in Teal



Glow Crazy!

The concept is simple and has been around before: Take a sheet of glow-in-the-dark material and make patterns using a flashlight or similar device. But Glow Crazy takes it to a new level by introducing several new elements!

The Glow Crazy Distance Doodler gives you two large glow-in-the-dark sheets to start with but also uses a unique Dual Action LightWand that projects a beam of light up to 10 feet away so you can ‘draw’ on the sheets! The flips side of of the LightWand is a more dispersed beam that acts more like a can of spray paint than the pencil-like other part of the LightWand. This is short ranged and lights up a wider portion of the sheets. It is also great for filling out the included stencils (another innovation) to make shapes and patterns on the wall.  With these tools you can make all kinds of patterns and drawings – making an outline of your friend is a real winner!

Glow Crazy also has a unique Glow-To-Go Kit that lets kids take the Glow Crazy experience with them!

This is a nifty pack kit with a LightWand and case with 4 colored glow panels. Its perfect for riding in a car at night. It also has a stencil set for drawing and the Lightwand is attached to the case with a string to make sure kids don’t lose it!


Finally, the next kit solves the biggest issue with the Glow Crazy kits – you either need to find a very dark room or play with the kits at night. The Doodle Dome solves that problem by providing a mini-tent that you sit inside of and drawing on the interior glow-in-the-dark walls of the tent!

Once again, a LightWand and stencils are provides in addition to the dome. The opaque nature of the material keeps out the light and lets you draw and play, any time of day!

There’s no cleanup required with the Glow Crazy kits, and you can draw on the sheets (or domes) as many times as you like!

UPDATE 11/19/12: We stopped carrying Glow Crazy items after some design issues (mostly with the Glow Dome). But they are back and not only have they improved the product but they have dropped the price as well!  The Doodle Dome used to be around $45, now it is just $24.95!

There have also been some videos made of the Doodle Dome and Distance Drawer: