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New Fossils

We’ve carried fossils in the past, and still have quite a few. But sometimes old sources dry up and we need to find new ones. We have recently added some great new fossils for starting collectors. First up we have a Goniatite Fossil



Painless Learning Educational Placemats!

We’ve got a new line of products here at Spectrum – and its a product for the dinner table! We’ve added several products from the Painless Learning placemats. These are 17-1/2″ x 12″ heavily laminated placemats with detailed color fronts that give information on a wide variety of science & math subjects, the backs of the placemats are in black-and-white and can either be colored with dry erase markers or have a short quiz to see what kids using the placemats have learned!The placemats are economical at just $3.99 so you can buy a bunch and rotate them over a couple of weeks!

We have a lot of these placemats, so here is just a small sampling:

USA Map Placemat


Be sure to check out the World Map Placemat as well.

There’s the Solar System Placemat:


There is also the Stars & Constellations Placemat as well


For more on some basic learning there is a Multiplication Tables Placemat.


Be sure to also check out the Sign Language Placemat, Learning About Money Placemat, and Time to Tell Time Placemat.

For more science orientations there is the Periodic Table of Elements Placemat:


Science placemats also include the Weather Placemat, Human Body Placemat as well as this Rocks & Minerals Placemat:


We also have a Dinosaur Placemat (natch).

In all there are 15 different placemats to choose from! be sure to pick up some for your next meal!


Iron Pyrite Suns

Iron Pyrite, or Iron Sulfide is a fairly common mineral that is more commonly known as Fool’s Gold due to its golden luster. Its crystalline structure is a dead give-away that it is not actually gold, although in many cases it can be more attractive than gold. Typically, Iron Pyrite is found in chunks made up on hundreds or thousands of tiny square crystals:



But a rare formation of Iron Pyrite is the Sun. This is where a flat disc is formed by the crystals, with the smaller crystals forming the interior and larger crystals forming at the rim.This forms an interesting pattern that actually resembles a sun:


Spectrum Scientifics now has these rare Iron Pyrite suns in three different sizes: Small (1″), Medium (1-1/2″) and Large (2″). These are low-cost, Grade B Iron Pyrite suns. They will have defects like cracks and other flaws, but the overall structure will be a sun. Consider these an excellent addition for collectors!


New Geology Items

We added a couple of nice geology items to make our coverage of this topic a bit better. First up is the Scale of Hardness Kit with Test Samples:

This kit is for testing the hardness of rocks and minerals using a penny, a nail, a streak plate and a piece of glass. 9 samples are included with the kit which cover the range of hardness from 1-9. A rock with hardness #9 is not included as that would be a diamond. This kit is an excellent educational project for budding geologists and can be used with rocks and minerals not included with the set.

Next up is a collection of 50 US rocks and minerals:

50 excellent quality specimens are included in this set representing rocks and minerals found in the USA.  This is an excellent collection for a classrooms, home schooling, and outdoor events. Each sample is about 1″  on the longest axis and glued to the box interior. Each sample is labeled. A study guide is included.






New Information Intensive Poster – The History Of the Earth

Our line of Feenix published information intensive posters has been quite popular and well received, and now we have added a new one  that is humbly titled the History of the Earth

The History Of The Earth

In this poster, the 4.6 million year history of the Earth (the Universe, really) is covered in excellent detail. Pictures are used to illustrate the four Eons and periods within them. As one might expect from a poster covering such a ling era, human arrival is but a blip of the two last pictures (one of which is actually post-human).

Like the other Information Intensive Poster series this poster is laminated for durability so it can survive in a classroom, but good enough quality and attractive enough to be on an amateur scientists home wall.



8/23/11 Virginia Earthquake Propogates Across the Country

This video is courtesy of the Bad Astronomer

Watch as the seismic waves make their way across the USA. Red denotes upward motion, Blue is down.


Rumble on the East Coast

OK. So we interrupt today’s blog post to tell you about a (realitvely) rare 5.9 Earthquake centered in Virginia.

We felt this guy in Philadelphia, as our building shook for a few seconds and the top floors made some odd squeaking sounds (or store is in a fairly old building).  Fortunately no damage was reported in the immediate area.  Now while some folks on the West part of this country may scoff at Earthquakes, even a 5.9 can get their attention.

In any case things seem to be back to normal around here, but there may have been some damage locally around the epicenter.