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The SmartDoc Gel Imaging System – take images with your smartphone

In molecular biology, gel imaging is used to document proteins and nucleic acids suspended in various types of chemical gels. Perhaps4062 the most common version of this you might see outside the lab is when it is used in DNA forensics. Many crime shows often have the forensics people waving what look like an X-Ray of a bunch of dots. But in fact these are images created by using electrophoresis equipment.

A big issue with many systems, however, is that to image these systems you have to use expensive equipment, usually a camera device that underlights the sample inĀ  dark chamber. These gel imaging systems can cost thousands of dollars.

But Accuris Instruments have come up with an ingenious solution. Instead of paying for a fully external camera, why not develop a Gel imaging system that employs a camera that almost everyone has on their person – Their Smartphone! So meet the SmartDoc Gel Imaging System.