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The Digasaurus Sandbox – The Best Sandbox Ever!

We’ve just added the Digasaurus Sandbox to our online product listing – and its a real winner! This specially designed sandbox combines the love of kids playing with sand with the thrill of discovery! Kids can ‘dig up’ and expose the fossils on the bottom of the sandbox!

The Digasaurs Sandbox measure an impressive 64″ L x 47″ x 11″ h so there is plenty of room for kids to play. The sandbox was designed by renowned sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz and features impressive and accurate fossil replicas at the bottom of the sandbox. Here is an image of the Digasaurus Sandbox without any sand.

The sandbox includes a downloadable 12 page color field manual with drawings and interesting facts so kids will learn about each dinosaur they uncover.

One of the best features of the Digasuarus Sandbox is that it is designed to look like a ntarual feature – a rock. Unlike other sandboxes that contrast and uglify a yeard, the Digasaurus Sandbox actually compliments the yard. Take a look at its appearance with its lid on and it you’ll see that it looks like a large (albeit oddly shaped)  landscape stone!

Despite its appearance, the Digasaurus Sandbox is not made of rock, but rather a durable and sturdy plastic. The sandbox is made with non-toxic LLPDE plastic, manufactured in the USA. Likewise, the Digasuarus Sandbox is also made in the USA. The total weight without sand is 40 lbs. Sand, of course, is not included.

The Digasaurus Sandbox is that it is so large that it must be shipped by freight. Shipping is free.
The Digasaurus is a great addition to any backyard and costs just $399.95!

A larger Super-Size Digasaurus is also available for schools, parks, and other facilities – this unit measures 90″ diameter. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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