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The Amazing 7-in-1 Laser Pen (/Flashlight/UV Light/….)

Additional Note 8/26/14: Sadly this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There were some reliability issues but we feel they could have been solved. We are sorry to see this item go.


We were stunned when we first saw this little geek gadget. It just keeps on delivering goodies! Its the 7-in1 Laser Pen and that title doesn’t even begin to describe how much this little pocket sized tool can do!

First of all let’s have a look at it:

7-in-1 Laser Pen

So far, it seems simple.

Its kinda in the title, so no surprise

Of course, it is in the description, so we are certainly going to have a laser pointer in this thing. And we do. A class IIIa 650nm laser pointer is at work here.  Great for any purpose you might need a laser pointer for, which means pointing things out to friends or making cats go crazy.

Next up is the LED snake light. This is a standard white LED bulb that remains on after you push the button. The snake coil can be positioned almost anyway you like to shine light where you need it.  Press the flashlight button again and…


…you’ve got an ultraviolet light! This is another LED light that emits at 395-400nm and can be used to check special features on drivers licenses, credit cards, or to check UV sensitive invisible ink

Now of course, with all these gadgets and parts the old joke comes back about the watch with so many features it doesn’t have room to show what time it is.

Yup. It writes.

Well this should establish that this thing does actually have a pen in the laser pen,  and yes. It does write! Mind you, you will have to unthread that cap. It doesn’t just snap off like many pen caps. And there is a reason for that:

Wow! It grows!

That reason is that the cap is part of the pen’s extending magnetic pick up wand! At full extension (this is not show at full extension) it is over 17″ long and the magnetic cap can pick up any ferrous item that isn’t too heavy for it. Here we see it holding a flat watch battery (it was all we could find).

That’s quite a list of features! But wait, you want more? Well we did say this was a 7-in-1 Laser Pen, and so far we only have five. Well if you unscrew the central body you get this!

That’s right, is a mini flat-head screwdriver! A 2mm flat head screwdriver to be exact. Handy for certain electronics and other small screws!  But just in case you have to deal with electronics where a lot of philips-head screws are involved you can simply pull out the screwdriver head and flip it around to get:

What doesn’t this thing have?

A PH00 Philips-Head screwdriver! (You’ll have to take our word for it…this picture didn’t come out as well as we might have liked).

The Laser Pen has other features as well, such as a metal body and a sturdy pocket clip. The laser is FDA approved and all the lights run off 3 x AG3 batteries, the batteries are most certainly included!

Grab one of these awesome little gadget pens today!

KOLA Phone Camera Accessory

Phone cameras are probably the most used type of camera these days. You just can’t beat the sheer convenience of having a high-resolution digital instrument fitting neatly in your pocket -and one that serves another purpose as well. Now sure, they will never match the versatility of devoted cameras or the optical powers of a Single Lens Reflex camera, but they were never meant to match those tools, just let folks have a powerful instrument in their pockets that they would carry normally!

Still, phone cameras do have many limitations. All their image changing is digital, not optical.  They lack any real accessories.

But that doesn’t mean you are without options. In fact one new item, the KOLA Phone Camera Accessory is designed to give a little pizazz to your camera phone and it goes right on your keychain! KOLA stands for Kolor of Light Accessory, and it is made up of eight durable color gel filters that can easily be put in front of your camera phone’s lens to make your shots much more interesting!

KOLA Camera Accessory

KOLA Camera Accessory

We tried this with our own camera phone – A Droid HTC incredible. We set the resolution low to keep the bandwidth down, but you’ll get the idea. First we took a control picture:

No Filter

Then we started with the yellow filter since it was a light filter:

With Yellow Kola Filter

How about one of the darker filters, such as the Red Filter. It send the camera’s digital aperture into a tizzy:

Next time we should hold it back aways from the lens.

How about Purple? Purple is fun!

We took the blue filter and held it a few inches away from the camera lens so it covered about 1/2 of the view:

All of these shots were taken over a period of about 5 minutes and were more a case of fooling around with the KOLA than any serious photo study. But these few photos can give you an idea of the possibilities available when you keep a Kola on your keychain!

Spectrum Scientifics “Gaussian Gun Kit”

The Spectrum Scientifics Gaussian Gun Kit is one of those products that truly does deliver a surprise when you see it for the first time. Even after you’ve viewed in a few times you can still be delighted by what goes on.


But the odd thing is: despite the exciting actions that take place with this kit, there are no companies that produce this item! Just a few other ‘kits’ sold at very high prices from hobby specialists. We really wanted to have this bit of science represented so we ended up making our own kits!

So onto the science of the kit: You get five steel bearing balls, two high-powered rare-earth disc magnets, and a short piece of track. The magnets are stood up on edge and four of the balls are placed on one side of the track. The final ball is gently rolled towards the other side of the magnet. When it reaches the magnet the final ball on the other side zooms off at a very surprising rate of speed!

Sometimes it is best just to let the video we took do the talking!

The Gaussian Gun Kit is just $10.99 and includes directions, extra experiment ideas and explanation of the science behind the kit. It is great for home, homeschooling, or classroom!