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Lemon Clock!

Fruit-powered battery educational kits are nothing new, but unfortunately the ones we carried were excessively expensive for what was just a few materials. When the price of making a fruit-powered battery goes above $10 most folks start to wonder if it is worth it. But now we have added a much less expensive Lemon Clock:

May work with other fruits, too!

All you need is this kit, which is under $5, and a lemon! A simple cut of the lemon and inserting of the zinc & copper pieces produces enough electricity to power a simple LCD clock! You can try this kit on other fruits, or see how long a lemon will power the clock in an endurance test!

Plenty of folks have asked us for copper & zinc pieces to make their own fruit battery kits, and now we have not only those items, but a clock to power as well. All of this for an excellent price!