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Oh hey! a new rocket launch set!

this year we added Estes Models Rocket Kits to our product line, and the launch sets have actually done very well! So well in fact that we even decided to add a cool launch set to our product line. The one we chose is the Shuttle Xpress Model Rocket Launch Set:

This launch set includes the launch pad, engine igniter and the rocket & parachutes. The only thing not included are rocket engines and batteries for the launcher.

What makes this model fun is that it caries two flying model ‘shuttles’ on the rocket.


When the rocket at the shuttles reach their maximum height they detach and proceed to glide back down to Earth. The main rocket deploys its parachute and floats gently back to Earth.  The gliders can float up to 200 feet.  The kit requires minimal assembly and no gluing or painting is needed!