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New Metal Marvel Building Toys!

We’ve had great success with the Metal Marvels. These are simple kits where you punch out metal pieces, bend them into shape and assemble. The kits are laser-cut and usually can be assembled in about 30-45 minutes. These were good for us so we added a few new models to our line!

First up is the Space Shuttle Metal Marvel. The shuttle may be retired, but it still makes for an excellent model!


Buildings were very popular so we also figured some of the European structures would do well. That is why we know have the Eiffel Tower Metal Marvel.

Across the channel, we have London’s Big Ben Clock Tower.

All Metal Marvel models are 3-4″ tall (or long for ones like the Shuttle) and are for ages 13+. They arrive flat on laser-punched cards so they can fit in an envelope or card.